We offer a service to our community helping locals buy, sell, rent or manage their properties but also extend our property and advice services to anyone interested in visiting or moving to the Los Velez region of Almeria. We love what we do and have a wealth of experience which we be happy to share. So, whatever your property needs are, make contact and we will do all we can to help.

Property sales and property searches. Let's get one thing straight from the start; although inland Almeria is a wonderful place to live or to visit, property prices are very reasonable! There has been a thirty-year period of de-population in much of Spain which meant there were more houses than there were buyers. This is now changing as many of the empty houses are being bought up and renovated, particularly by northern Europeans.

Nevertheless, it ́s still possible to buy a village house in need of renovation for as little as Eu20,000! Remember too, that local property taxes in Spain are low. You would expect to pay no more than eu200 a year for IBI (equivalent to UK council tax) on a village house. It's a great time to buy!

Castle Homes advertise on the main Spanish and European property portals (Idealista, Kyero, Place in the Sun etc.) so you can be assured your house will get an international audience to facilitate a quick sale. 

Whatever you are looking for we will find it for you! Tell us what your ideal home looks like and an indication of your budget and we'll do the rest.

Viewing Trips

Looking at websites is useful research but there ́s no better way to discover the soul of a place than to visit. Soak up the atmosphere in the bars and restaurants, talk to locals have a jolly good nosey around! We can help you arrange a weekend (or longer) and line up as many properties as you ́d like to see. (Don't worry if they aren't all on our books- we have arrangements with other agents).

We know you'll be impressed!

Legal and administrative Services

Buying or renting a house involves paperwork! We all know that but at Castle Homes we'll help you every step of the way to ensure the process is simple and stress free. We have relationships with many 'abogados' (solicitors) and 'gestors' or 'asesoras' (administrators). Fortunately, the process of buying a house in Spain is more logical and easier than in many other countries. A deposit is paid early in the process to give both the buyer and seller peace of mind.

We will advise about the advantages of POA 's (power of attorney) and other legal instruments which can make the remote buying process straightforward. If you are renting, we can provide rental contract templates or pass you to a specialist legal advisor. 

Other Service 

If it ́s to do with property, it ́s our domain! So, do you have holiday home you want looking after when you ́re back home? We can help. Are you renting a property and need a key holder to liaise with tenants, or to fix a leaking tap? We can help. Do you want to arrange car hire or to be picked up at the airport? Yes, we can arrange that too! Are and concerned about transferring large sums of money from abroad into Euros and need advice and a service you can trust. No worries, we can help!  

For more information about our property management services click here.

We would like to become part of your story!